Hey, hope you’re enjoying Joker’s Wild! I’m not sure if you’ve seen this, but there was a new Lore Book data mind called For Every Rose, a Thorn. It’s currently on Ishtar Collective. If you’re not bothered by spoilers, I can link it to you. If you’re very against spoilers though . . . oh boy stay very, very clear of that one. I’m not talking little spoilers either, I’m talking MASSIVE ones.

It is very fun so far! Got my first piece of collector armor, Reckoning and Prime are really fun (if a little hectic lol) though wow, the light level grind seems slower than ever LOL.

And thank you for the warning! I’ve heard a few…. THINGS, but trying to avoid major spoilers and as such also avoiding the D2 tags. I’ll probably end up reading the lore before I end up unlocking it all, but not this early into the season. ?

Hope you’re enjoying it as well! 😀