Character Ask Meme: Quay (From Here)

2: If your OC wants to buy a firearm, what it might be for? 

Uh, to shoot you? Or someone else. Probably not in self defense either.  Though a gun is not his first weapon of choice usually. And that’s about all there is to say on that one, lol.

15: Does your OC consider themselves a good person?

Not in the least. But don’t mistake that for him having low self esteem, he thinks quite highly of himself and really doesn’t care if he’s seen as a good person or not. If anything, he finds it very refreshing to not be bound to any particular moral code, thus allowing him to do whatever is needed to achieve his goals, when he has one in mind in any case.

21: Does your OC hurt others often intentionally? If yes, how?

If you couldn’t guess from the first two, yes. He takes great delight in manipulating people, seeing it all as some grand experiment to see how far and how much he can get away with. So while he’s sometimes obviously cruel, he often takes a more subtle approach and even will play the part of well-meaning confidant just to see the reaction when said victim is taking in by it. And pretty much everyone is a target or a means to an end for him.

(He’ll probably get a second round too, cause these were pretty obvious answers if you’re familiar with him  lol.)



Character Ask Meme: Jericho (From here)

6: Does your OC have a realistic image of their own intelligence? 

Jericho is incredibly smart. He is aware he’s well above average, but he isn’t smug about it at all. If anything, he tends to downplay it, and while he usually is pretty confident in what’s he’s capable of, he does sometimes underestimates his abilities, particularly when stressed.

12: What is one of the most primary things your OC feels that is missing from their life?

Probably a sense of purpose. He has very strong moral values and a deep seated need to help others and contribute to a cause he feels worthwhile. He was nearly finished with med school and landed a highly competed for internship at a prestigious hospital- work  which he found incredibly rewarding. But a particularly nasty incident left him unable to continue on this path, and is now struggling hard with the aftermath and inability to do something he finds meaningful.

23: Does your OC tend to hide something about their personality/essence when meeting new people? If yes, what? 

Generally no. Jericho’s a pretty open book, warm and quick to trust and always seeing the good in people. The only things he’d try to hide are moments when he did something totally embarrassing. XD

(there may be a second round of asks for both Sly and Jericho, FB land threw me lots of random numbers for this lol.)



Character Ask: Sly (From here)

4: Would your OC want to involve themselves in humanitarian work ? If yes, then for what? If not, then why not?

Probably not. He tends to be a loner, and isn’t really all that comfortable around people, particularly large groups. Which isn’t to say he doesn’t  have issues he cares about (he does)  he just doesn’t see himself in any capacity to do anything about it. Thoooough if someone close pushed him enough to get involved he’d begrudgingly help. (And secretly feel good about it.)

7: Does your OC have any irrational phobias?

Oh fuck yes. Many. (Further explained below.) The main one being a phobia with eye contact. Hates it. Will avoid looking anyone in the eye and do whatever he can to prevent it. Hence the shaded goggles. They help him feel more comfortable looking in a person’s general direction and almost never come off. And will have a possibly major meltdown if they should be removed.

17: Does your OC suffer from any mental health issues?

Sly is schizophrenic. It began showing up at 15-16, and until he was about 20-23, the delusions, paranoia and voices left him a severe shut-in and incapable of functioning in day-to-day life.  His brother however stuck with him and did everything possible to get him help and after many treatment plans, medications and therapy, Sly is now mostly functional and aware of his disorder. He’s fine living on his own and the most severe symptoms are  under control though there are many minor quirks that he still, and probably always will struggle with. (Ie, see #7 and social interaction.)