All the bbys #15

Okay, just doing the main fireteam here cause otherwise this will take all night. XDD

In terms of gender constructs in the Destiny universe- There’s so many heroes and big-name guardians of all sorts and even probably as a lingering effect of the Golden Age, I totally headcannon that no one really puts much division into to what’s considered feminine or masculine. There’s just traits that can be present in anyone regardless of gender, and that extends to how they present/define their gender. (And yes, this is probably because this is how I’d love to see reality be more like that, where anyone can explore and figure out how to best define themselves free from any stigma or repression.)

In terms of beauty standards, Killy and Echo are absolutely on the vain side and do place a degree of importance on looking fiiiiiiine. Gideon just cares about looking respectable, and Stoom thinks it’s all  a big fat waste of time. Skitty  thinks everything looks better with glitter lol.